With the Universities, for the Students

New technologies, new opportunities:
custom solutions for highly innovative institutions.

A unique solution

Customize Uniwhere to your own identity.

What we do is highly innovative. We speak to students with their own language, we provide them with tools they understand and use, and we are constantly striving to be the technologically at our best.

Do you dream seeing Uniwhere seamlessly integrating with the system of your own University? Do you want to let your students know about your opportunities, your events, your offers?

Speak to us. We'll speak to them.

Their language

You know letters, mails, huge web portals? Well, students don't.


What we do is bringing students together. Make them meet each other. Make them collaborate. With the support of their University, everything becomes simpler.


A collaboration with Uniwhere means putting together solid brands. Innovation, technology, development will become keywords for your brand.


We know what we do

Our apps are native clients, so that we can get out of the devices the most in terms of reliability and performance. From a security standpoing, we use de-facto standards and best-practices, from the simplest like SSL-protected communications, up to full decoupling between authentication and data management and patterns like O-Auth 2.0: all of this to guarantee our users the highest level of pricacy and security.