Thanks to machine learning, Uniwhere understands users’ background and key traits, and uses its predictive models to suggest relevant career paths, related skills, and how to learn them.

Our mission is to help people to face a lifetime of skills training and retraining.

We are reinventing lifelong learning using data

We help people find employment-focused education tailored for them

Personal suggestions and relevant learning

We suggest our users the best career paths they can take and we provide them with relevant learning opportunities

Employment-focused education

Partnering with visionary companies, we are able to provide learners with the best employment-focused education coming directly from the industry

The next step

Thanks to a complete analysis of the job market, We support our uers in taking the next step in their careers.






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The Skills Revolution: how to make a difference in the world of work

They told us that much of the work that exists today and for which we are forming, investing time, energy and money, will no longer exist in ten years' time. What's true in all of this? Let's try to debunk some myths.

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There are those who still think about marketing in the wrong way

What’s the first thing you think about when you read the word "marketing"? The big billboards along the American streets? The exotic perfume commercials? The amazing viral flash mobs on YouTube? Many think of marketing as an art, when it actually has [...]

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Hold on a second: what is a startup?

Today creating startups is pop. The cool thing to do. But what’s a startup? Can students create one too? Where do you begin? Investors, pitch, metrics: it’s a frenetic and complex world. Let’s get things clear.

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Reach out the new generation of talents

Employer Branding

We believe that the best way to have a true headstart when hiring the best talent is providing value first. That's why we built the first tool that companies can use to get visibility while at the same time providing education. We can help you building your own company academy, as well as bring the learning content you already have to a whole new audience.

Talent Acquisition

Because we drive skills training and retraining, we can make a difference when it comes to hiring the best talent. We can provide you with the brightest minds, closing the funnel started with the employer branding. A seamless user experience can provide the best placement for your HR efforts.


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